CRE2-SHC Partnership | Race and the Future of Genomics: More Equity, Or Less?

April 8, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Genomics is yielding transformative insights into the genetic makeup of diseases and the impact of environmental factors on human health. At the same time, the field of genomics has powerful implications for health equity, meanings of race and ethnicity, and the intersections between science and the values we ascribe to social constructions. This spring’s virtual panel on Race and the Future of Genomics addresses these and other developments—and asks how scientists, medical practitioners, and the public can ensure more equitable outcomes in the future.

This virtual event was moderated by Vence L. Bonham, Jr. (Acting Deputy Director, National Human Genome Research Institute)

Panelists include:

Brett Maricque (McDonnell Genome Institute, Washington University in St. Louis)

Alicia R. Martin (Broad Institute; Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts General Hospital)

Santiago Molina (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Science in Human Culture, Northwestern University)

Ann Morning (New York University, Sociology)

Peter Wade (University of Manchester, Social Anthropology)

This academic year CRE2 is partnering with Northwestern University’s Program in Science in Human Culture (SHC) to co-sponsor a series of research exchanges, public panels, and scholarly presentations that focus on the intersections of race, science, and medicine. Through this partnership, members of both institutions will have opportunities to participate in events in the series that explore questions surrounding the production of scientific knowledge across the Americas, including institutional barriers, “gatekeeping,” and the construction of expertise; genomics, genetics, and understandings of race; and the roles of science in society in the present and past.

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