Innovation Space and Independent Research & Archives

CRE2 houses and supports a unique Innovation Space and Independent Research & Archives (I2s) focused on the study of race and/or ethnicity.

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The CRE2 Innovation Space is unique among centers for the study of race and ethnicity across the country. The Innovation Space incubates cutting-edge or experimental research and methodologies; helps faculty transform research ideas into concrete possibilities; fosters creative projects and connections; and assists colleagues in envisioning the future architecture of opportunity for race and/or ethnicity research and collaboration.

Independent Research projects are led by faculty directors who have created funded multi-faceted enterprises or emerging or experimental ventures that engage with the critical future of race and/or ethnicity. Similarly, faculty and collaborators design and build Archives dedicated to expanding access to and visibility and utilization of a focused, multi-layered, and dynamic suite of materials related to race and/or ethnicity.