Cunningham, Lee, and Ward

It’s time for change

In this video, CRE2 faculty affiliates, David Cunningham, Hedy Lee, and Geoff Ward discuss the social movement against police brutality taking place across the nation and the world and the role of histories of racial violence in these events.

Ignacio Sanchez Prado

The latest in a long trend

In this Washington Post OpEd, Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado sheds light on the controversy surrounding the novel, American Dirt, and highlights an industry where Mexican and Mexican American writers are often ignored and marginalized.

Bettina Drake

Racial Disparities in Covid-19 and Cancer

In this video, CRE2 affiliate Dr. Bettina Drake leads a panel discussion of physicians and public health specialists addressing racial disparities in Covid-19 and Cancer as part of the Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities Virtual Town Hall.

Adrienne Davis, Director of CRE2

Amid Reckoning Over Racial Injustice, Universities Renew Support For Black Studies

In this WLRN Miami-South Florida article, CRE2 founding director Adrienne Davis examines how black studies scholars have fought for more resources and autonomy for their programs – and says this is the opportunity of a generation.

Two Pandemics, One Election: Re-defining Equity

Examining how the COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed the racial and economic gaps in our country, this roundtable drives a conversation towards a political agenda for health and educational equity that creates safe and thriving communities going forward.

Religion and the 2020 Election

In this piece published in Washington University’s The Source, Lerone A. Martin discusses the complex relationship between religion and politics in America and its role in the 2020 election.

Inaugural WUSM-CRE2 Grand Rounds Speaker Series

Click here to watch Truth, Transparency & Transformation: Dismantling Obstetric Racism in Hospital Births.

Two Pandemics, One Election: Race, Identity and the Future of Democracy

Framed against the backdrop of the 2020 Vice-Presidential debate, this roundtable discussion evaluates the impact of how political candidates’ identities shape the conversation with an increasingly diverse electorate.

Recipes for Respect: African American Meals and Meanings

In this HEC-TV interview about her new book, CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Rafia Zafar discusses the influence of black cooks on the way we eat.