Eric Ellingsen

Assistant Professor, College of Architecture, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Eric Ellingsen’s work empowers artists, architects, and members of the public to re-envision and reclaim public spaces — giving voice to those not heard and making seen those that have been hidden or forgotten. Race, ethnicity, and equity drive all elements of his process, from the artists, poets, songwriters and performers engaged in helping envision space, to the ways in which all people engage in his work. He aims to develop collective and individual imaginations through process-oriented work, perception, and action-based research across the fields of landscape architecture, architecture, and art. Through the design of site- and institution-specific works, he advocates for a living-learning agency, which involves growing spatial languages and the ability to translate meanings and values across disciplines. Through the design and choreography of situations, encounters, public art installations, curation, poetry, walks, and performances, Ellingsen seeks to construct alternative ways of perceiving and using public spaces that empower communities and citizens as agents in the design and self-determination of their own spaces, stories, and lives.

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