Jason Jabbari

Assistant Professor of Research, Brown School

Jason Jabbari leads the education research portfolio at the Social Policy Institute where applies advanced statistical techniques better understand how social policies, programs, and practices can lead to more equitable outcomes for Persons of Color–particularly Black and LatinX youth. Through his research, Jason partners with a variety of community organizations to help them understand and solve pressing problems related to racial equity in education. For example, Jason recently partnered with Foundation Communities (in Austin, TX) to design and evaluate text-messaging interventions aimed at increasing FAFSA take-up for LatinX youth and young adults. Currently, Jason is partnering with LaunchCode and the Missouri Department of Corrections to understand how reskilling and apprenticeship programs can lead to better social and economic outcomes for underrepresented minorities in STEM and those re-entering society. Jason is also partnering with Urban Strategies Inc. to better understand how neighborhood revitalization initiatives can reduce educational inequalities among Black youth. Finally, Jason has conducted large-scale survey research to better understand how racialized school discipline in high schools can impact STEM pathways among Black youth.

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