Similar to white papers, CRE2 envisions “Black Papers” to be authoritative reports that inform readers succinctly about a complex issue.* More concretely, CRE2 Black Papers will be designed to assist stakeholders and community members in understanding an issue/subject, making a decision, or solving a problem.  Initially, CRE2 Black Papers will focus specifically on issues related to race and/or ethnicity pertinent to the St. Louis area and may advocate for specific solutions or provide critical information and possible pathways to understand and/or address issues.

CRE2 will seek applications for commissioned Black Papers from at least two governmental agencies, community organizations, non-profits, and/or for-profits per year.  These entities will apply to CRE2, requesting Black Papers on some area of organizational need that has race and/or ethnicity as a core component. The CRE2 leadership team will vet the proposals, select at least two Black Papers proposals, and invite CRE2 affiliated faculty to write the Papers. Each faculty author will be paid $1,000 per commissioned Black Paper. CRE2 will from time to time commission its own Black Papers.

Although we envision initially focusing Black Papers on regional needs and organizations, we anticipate making the resource available nationally and internationally within a few years.

For more details, view Black Paper logistics (PDF).

*The white paper was a product of the RAND Corporation from 1993 to 2003 and was meant to convey formally information on a policy issue and to summarize key research findings relevant to pending decisions or policy problems. White Papers drew on a strong body of research and were directed to a specific audience. See:”