In order to ensure that CRE2 is including in our design an infrastructure to catalyze research on Latinx and Latin American race and/or ethnicity, we have convened a rapid, focused advisory group of leading scholars to advise us. The group has the following charge:

Latinx | Latin American Race & Ethnicity Research Advisory Group (LLARER)

This advisory group is charged with making recommendations to the CRE2 leadership team on how to bolster support for and catalyze innovative research initiatives on race, ethnicity & equity across Latin America and throughout the Latinx diaspora. The group will also explore how to best support cutting-edge learning opportunities with research components as well as community connections (across the University, within the STL region, or on a national/international scale) that may enhance CRE2’s and Washington University’s capacity for Latinx- and Latin American-focused scholarship. The group will present its recommendations for strengthening and expanding research in these areas in a final research design & initiatives document by December 1, 2020. The document will include research design, development of innovative frameworks and methodologies, and specific proposals and action steps that can help position the University as a global leader in Latinx & Latin American race, ethnicity & equity research.

Leopoldo Cabassa, Co-Chair
Ariela Schachter, Co-Chair
William Acree, Ex-officio / CRE2 lead