David  Balmaceda

David Balmaceda

Doctoral Candidate in Applied Linguistics | Graduate Certificate in Higher Education | Former Fulbright Grantee 2013-2015

David Balmaceda’s interdisciplinary research focuses on second language acquisition and use. His scholarship draws on theory in the fields of applied linguistics, social psychology, and higher education. He is interested in exploring socio-psychological factors in second language enrollment—beliefs, attitudes, and gender— Findings yield implications on the undergraduate enrollment decline in Spanish programs across the U.S.A. Through his research, David aims to promote positive attitudes toward language learning, multilingualism, and linguistic diversity as a means to increase understanding of other cultures and the ethnic groups that use and identify with such cultures. Past projects involved research collaboration on health literacy with linguistically diverse patients. Most recently, David is interested in the role of second language learning and global or transnational mobility amidst socio-political or governmental crises in developing countries.