Believe with us.

The name CRE2 was inspired by the imperative form of the verb creer in Spanish, cree, which means believe.

CRE2 brings the research force of Washington University to study how race and ethnicity are integral to the most complex and challenging issues of our time. We believe in field-defining research, innovative learning, and strategic engagement that will transform scholarship, policy, and clinical interventions where race and ethnicity are at the center. 

Research art

Believe in Research

We galvanize and incubate new research architectures and vocabularies, insurgent methodologies and practices, and novel interventions.

Learning art

Believe in Learning

We design next-generation learning opportunities and innovative environments that would bring our community members together.

Community Art

Believe in Community

We cultivate the cross-campus hub where local, national, and global citizens and leaders can connect, collaborate, and believe together.

Featured Funding Opportunities

Colors of COVID

CRE2 invites proposals for transdisciplinary projects that will generate new research frameworks and methodologies that capture the challenges and insights revealed by the racially and ethnically disparate impacts of COVID-19.

Small Grants

CRE2 offers a limited number of Small Grants to support activities related to the advancement of the Center’s mission and the 2020-2022 CRE2 Programmatic Themes.

CRE2 Rotating Graduate Studio

CRE2 invites proposals (due October 1, 2020) for this graduate-level seminar that will foster dynamic, innovative, and collaborative graduate engagement. 

Featured Events

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CRE2 Virtual Launch:

October 12, 2020
11am-1pm Central Time

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Cunningham, Lee, and Ward

It’s time for change

In this video, CRE2 faculty affiliates, David Cunningham, Hedy Lee, and Geoff Ward discuss the social movement against police brutality taking place across the nation and the world and the role of histories of racial violence in these events.

Ignacio Sanchez Prado

The latest in a long trend

In this Washington Post OpEd, Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado sheds light on the controversy surrounding the novel, American Dirt, and highlights an industry where Mexican and Mexican American writers are often ignored and marginalized.

Bettina Drake

Racial Disparities in Covid-19 and Cancer

In this video, CRE2 affiliate Dr. Bettina Drake leads a panel discussion of physicians and public health specialists addressing racial disparities in Covid-19 and Cancer as part of the Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities Virtual Town Hall.

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