Race and ethnicity pose two of the greatest challenges for our collective future. We bring the research force of Washington University to tackle these and imagine a more equitable future. CRE2 galvanizes and incubates new research architectures and vocabularies, insurgent methodologies and practices, and interventions in order to shape knowledge, understanding of the human experience, public discourse, and action.

Faculty, postdoc, and graduate student funding opportunities; CRE2 research; and a unique Innovation Space make up the Center’s Research pillar.

Every two years CRE2 designs themes to guide our work. These themes aim to encourage research across the seven Washington University schools and many disciplines that take up questions of race and/or ethnicity. The themes are not intended to exclude any scholarship, and we invite proposals for grants and working groups beyond these initial announced themes.

2020-2022 Themes

  1. Innovations in Understanding & Improving Health Equity
  2. Race and the Future of Democracy
  3. Global Migratory Representations, Histories, and Crises
  4. Visualizing Race and Ethnicity: Algorithms, Discourses, and Design
  5. Legal, Spatial, and Political Justice