While research is at the core of ongoing faculty activities and intellectual life, time to devote solely to research can be transformative in generating unique scholarly interventions. That time is what CRE2 Faculty Fellowships provide. Fellowships also foster connections, catalyze new conversations in the study of race and ethnicity, and create lasting collaborative scholarly and professional partnerships.

Fellows will be released from their ordinary teaching, service, and administrative obligations. Fellows will have individual offices and access to meeting and programming space. This cohort of Fellows will participate in and lead collaborative workshops and seminars and will be integral to the CRE2 intellectual community. Each Fellow will have an opportunity to lead a workshop on their own research and scholarship; this workshop will be open to CRE2 Faculty Affiliates and the Fellow’s own invited guests.

CRE2 invited proposals for one-semester Faculty Fellowships during Spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year. Five fellowships were awarded. Every two years CRE2 designs themes to guide our work. While applicants are free to consider these strategic interests of the Center as they develop projects, we encourage fellowship proposals that feature other topics that are essential to a greater understanding of race and/or ethnicity.

Spring 2022 Faculty Fellows

Legacies of Inclusion: Children of Asian and Latin
American Immigrants from Adolescence to Adulthood

Cynthia Feliciano; Professor, Sociology

The Recreation of Blackness: Roots, Rhythms, and Routines in Veracruz, Mexico

Karma Frierson; Assistant Professor, African and African American Studies

Crime and Racial Capital

Trevor Gardner; Associate Professor, School of Law

Cultural Socialization and Premature Death Risk among Young Black Males

Husain Lateef; Assistant Professor, Brown School

The Unequal Geography of Information: How Racialized Online Rental Housing Advertisements Affect Perceptions of Neighborhoods

Ariela Schacter; Assistant Professor, Sociology