Welcome to Everywhere with CRE2, a new podcast produced by the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity at Washington University in St. Louis. In each episode, we’ll delve into path-breaking research, innovative learning opportunities, and strategic engagement to better understand how questions of race, ethnicity & equity are everywhere with us in the present and past.

Season 1

Everywhere with CRE2 Preview

Co-directors William Acree and Hedwig Lee introduce CRE2’s new podcast and preivew what the series has planned for this first season.

Episode #01: “Origins,” with Adrienne Davis

In our inaugural episode, Hedwig Lee and William Acree, co-directors of CRE2, co-host a conversation with Adrienne Davis, the Center’s founding director, about designing and building a race and ethnicity center at Washington University, challenges along the way, and hopes for the Center’s future.