Welcome to Everywhere with CRE2, a new podcast produced by the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity at Washington University in St. Louis. In each episode, we’ll delve into path-breaking research, innovative learning opportunities, and strategic engagement to better understand how questions of race, ethnicity & equity are everywhere with us in the present and past.

Season 1

Episode #05: “CRE2 Graduate Fellows part 1,” with Dennis Boyd, Paige DeVos, and Nadia Jackson-Fitch

Each year, the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity names a select group of admitted students who are interested in the study of race/ethnicity as Graduate Fellows. In this episode, CRE2 Associate Director Tila Neguse and Research and Project Assistant Solome Haile talk to three members of our inaugural cohort of Graduate fellows—Dennis Boyd, Paige DeVos, and Nadia Jackson-Fitch—about their research agendas.

Episode #04: “WashU & Slavery Project,” with Geoff Ward and Kelly Schmidt

Geoff Ward WashU

In the spring semester of 2021, Washington University joined the Universities Studying Slavery consortium, launching the WashU & Slavery Project. In this episode, CRE2 Co-Director William Acree talks with Geoff Ward, the project director, and postdoctoral fellow Kelly Schmidt about initial research goals, student engagement, and how WashU & Slavery will contribute to a greater understanding of the legacies of enslavement in St. Louis and the broader region.

Episode #03: “Hostile Terrain and Migrant Deaths,” with Michael Esposito, Tabea Linhard, Mattie Gottbrath, and Clarissa Gaona Romero

More than 3,200 migrants have died crossing the Sonoran desert. In this episode, guest host Michael Esposito, Assistant Professor of Sociology in Arts & Sciences, talks with Professor Tabea Linhard (Professor of Romance Languages & Literatures, Comparative Literature, and Global Studies), Mattie Gottbrath (Coordinator for International Programming, Arts &Sciences) and Clarissa Gaona Romero (class of 2023) about the Hostile Terrain 94 exhibit they coordinated on the Danforth campus. The conversation looks at immigration policy along the southwestern border, the meanings of borders, and explores how this participatory exhibit is part of a larger effort to pay homage to the lives lost.

Episode #02: “Critical Race Theory Under Attack,” with Rebecca Wanzo and Adrienne Davis

Over roughly the past year, critical race theory has come under attack from school boards, state legislatures, and media outlets across the U.S. Why now? And what’s at stake for K-12 as well as university students, and for how we collectively learn and talk about the history of race and racism in the U.S.?

Guest host Rebecca Wanzo, Professor and Chair of the Department of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Washington University, talks with Adrienne Davis, the William M. Van Cleve Professor in the School of Law and Professor of Organizational Behavior & Leadership with the Olin Business School, about these questions and more.

Episode #01: “Origins,” with Adrienne Davis

In our inaugural episode, Hedwig Lee and William Acree, co-directors of CRE2, co-host a conversation with Adrienne Davis, the Center’s founding director, about designing and building a race and ethnicity center at Washington University, challenges along the way, and hopes for the Center’s future.

Everywhere with CRE2 Preview

Co-directors William Acree and Hedwig Lee introduce CRE2’s new podcast and preivew what the series has planned for this first season.