The Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity (CRE2) at Washington University in St. Louis partnered with the Program in Science in Human Culture (SHC) at Northwestern University to co-sponsor a series of research exchanges, public panels, and scholarly presentations that focused on the intersections of race, science, and medicine. Through this partnership, members of both institutions participated in a series of events that explored questions surrounding the production of scientific knowledge across the Americas, including institutional barriers, ‘gatekeeping,’ and the construction of expertise; genomics, genetics, and understandings of race; and the roles of science in society in the present and past. 

SHC is an interdisciplinary program in science studies, one that uses the humanities and social sciences to examine current and historical developments in science, medicine, and technology. As part of CRE2’s Community pillar, this partnership with SHC illustrates CRE2’s commitment to amplifying access to discussions of transformative research on race, ethnicity, and equity. 

2021-2022 CRE2-SHC Series