Part of the CRE2 mission is to serve as a Washington University hub for scholarly exchange and development. One key component is the CRE2 Research Workshop Series. CRE2 offers two kinds of research workshops. The first are smaller, closed workshops engaging with early stage works. These workshops engage with a paper or précis of up to five pages. The goal is to test ideas, invite perspectives across disciplines, and brainstorm new directions for a nascent project. These are intended to be generative discussions to launch new research projects. The second are workshops with more fully developed papers open to all CRE2 Affiliates and invited guests of the presenter. The goal of these workshops is to invite meticulous engagement of mid-stage projects and to polish projects nearing completion.

Affiliates are welcome to workshop drafts for publication, conference papers, public talks, policy testimony or legal briefs, job talks, as well as other relevant written scholarly works.

Any CRE2 Faculty or Postdoc Affiliate or CRE2 Graduate Fellow can present or participate in the Research Workshop Series. Invitations to present in the Workshop Series will be issued twice a year with preference for assistant professors and postdocs.

2022-2023 Research Workshops

CRE2 Research Workshop | Whitewashing the Fourth Amendment with Daniel Harawa

October 12, 2022 from 11:30am-1:00pm

2021-2022 Research Workshops


2020-2021 Research Workshops