John  Barrios

John Barrios

Assistant Professor of Accounting, Olin Business School

My research focuses on the intersection of accounting, labor economics, entrepreneurship, and finance and how it relates to the economic challenges faced by minority groups in the business world. One of my ongoing projects examines the financial and economic barriers faced by minority entrepreneurs and their impact on new business formation and growth. I examine factors such as access to capital, networking opportunities, and cultural norms that play a role in the success of minority-owned businesses. Additionally, I investigate how changes in the academic labor market, such as hiring practices and institutional policies, affect the representation and advancement of minority candidates in the workforce. My research not only highlights these challenges but also provides insights and possible solutions to address these persistent economic barriers faced by minority groups in the business world. I also emphasize the importance of acknowledging and addressing these barriers to promote economic equality, growth, and diversity and to ensure a more inclusive workforce.

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