Curatorial Research Intern Joins Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum

Ayana Loyd joins the Kemper as their 2024 Curatorial Research Intern in partnership with the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity. Read more here.  

CRE2 Affiliates Jay Buchanan, Tabea Linhard, Ariela Schachter, Ila Sheren, and Karla Aguilar Velasquez curate Moving Stories Exhibition in collaboration with the Luminary

Moving Stories in the Making: An Exhibition of Migration Narratives brings together the work of local and national artists who craft narratives of migration and holds space for migrants and those affected by migration to tell their stories. An experiment in collaborative curating, the exhibition demonstrates how stories can shift entrenched attitudes toward immigration and how art can foster connections between migrants and the communities in which they become a part. 

The exhibit runs February 3, 2024- March 30, 2024

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Receives Award for New Book

Diana Montaño’s book Electrifying Mexico has received its fifth award, The Turriano Book Prize from the International Committee for the History of Technology.  

CRE2 Graduate Affiliate Publishes in the British Journal of Social Work and Receives 2023 Disability Manuscript Honorable Mention  

CRE2 Graduate Affiliate, Mustafa Rfat’s article, “A Scoping Review of Needs and Barriers to Achieving A Livable Life among Refugees with Disabilities: Implications for Future Research, Practice, and Policy, Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work” was published in the British Journal of Social Work. In this article, he chronicles his journey as a refugee with disabilities. Read it here.

CRE2 Graduate Affiliate Publishes in the Hispanic Review

CRE2 Graduate Affiliate, Juan Manuel Ramírez Velázquez‘s article “Sowing Wheat and Other Merits: The First “Black Conquistador” of the Mexican Field” was published in the Hispanic Review. Read it here.

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Featured on the National Women’s History Exhibit on Black Feminism

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate, Marlon Bailey, has been featured on the National Women’s History Exhibit on Black Feminism that is at the MLK Memorial Library in Washington, DC as well as online. Watch a clip from his interview here.

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Publishes in the Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures

CRE2 Graduate Student Affiliate Jay Buchanan recently published a new article in the Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures titled “The Object Selving of Laura Aguilar: Queer Chicana Opacity and the Archive Prosthetic.” Read more here.

CRE2 Associate Director, Darrell Hudson Publishes in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

CRE2 Associate Director Darrell Hudson recently published a co-authored study which found racial discrimination to be a significant force behind higher levels of depression among college-educated Black Americans. Read the article “Understanding the Impact of Contemporary Racism on the Mental Health of Middle Class Black Americans” here.

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate, Publishes in the Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Jorge Llibre- Guerra recently published a co-authored study which found that although LMICs bear the greatest burden of ADRD globally, substantial development of clinical trial platforms to address this inequity and health disparity is lacking. Read the study “A call for clinical trial globalization in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia” here.

CRE2 Affiliates Convene Muñoz Reading Group

CRE2 Graduate Student Affiliates Franzi Finkenstein and Ivan Bujan are convening a reading group titled “Cruising Utopia in the 2020s” that surveys pieces of scholarly inventory inspired by José Esteban Muñoz’s queer utopian thought. To learn more, email Franzi Finkenstein and Ivan Bujan.

JaNiene Peoples to Present at 2022 American Public Health Association Conference

CRE2 Graduate Student Affiliate JaNiene Peoples will be presenting findings at the 2022 American Public Health Association Conference: Examining co-occurring depression and vaping among Black college students at the intersection of sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here.

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Publishes in Journal of Politics

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Ted Enamorado recently published a new article in the Journal of Politics titled “Jailed While Presumed Innocent: The Demobilizing Effects of Pretrial Incarceration.” Read more here.

Announcing the 2022 CRE2 Seed Grants

Congratulations to Jesse Davis, Tyriesa Howell, Margot Moinester, Illana Seff, Lindsay Stark, Brian Crisp, and Matthew Gabel! Read more here.

Announcing the 2022 CRE2 Scholar Grants

Congratulations to Miguel Valerio, Carrie Coughlin, and S. Richard Dunham! Read more here.

Announcing the 2022 CRE2 Washington University Student Paper Awards

Congratulations to Rithvik Ramesh for winning the Award for Best Undergraduate Research Paper Engaging St. Louis, and to Meredith Kelling and Jeremy Siow for winning the Awards for Best Graduate Research Papers in Race/Ethnicity! Read more here.

Announcing the 2023 CRE2 Faculty Fellows

Congratulations to Tyriesa Howell, Pauline Kim, Javier Garcia-Liendo, William J. Maxwell, Paul Steinbeck, and Akiko Tsuchiya! Read more here.

CRE2 Affiliates and Associate Director Publish in Biological Psychiatry

CRE2 Affiliates Rebecca Brady and Deanna Barch and Associate Director Cynthia Rogers recently published “The Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Neighborhood Crime on Neonatal Functional Connectivity” in Biological Psychiatry. Read more here.

Faculty Affiliate Publishes in the Common Reader

Faculty Affiliate Patty Hedya recently published “The Façade of Redevelopment: Exploring hidden politics of urban improvement and erasure in McRee Town, St. Louis” in the Common Reader. Read more here.

Announcing the Winners of the Inaugural Undergraduate Research Awards

Congratulations to Julia Fish, Hani Fish-Bieler, Fatou Kane, Gabi Senno, and Sofia Soraci! Read more here.

Mindfulness in Anti-Racism Research Working Group Renewed for Second Year

After a successful first year, Mindfulness in Anti-Racism, Diana Parra and Todd Braver’s Research Working Group funded through CRE2, is renewed for 2022. Read more here.

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Publishes in the Journal of Politics

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate William Nomikos recently published an article titled “Peacekeeping and the Enforcement of Intergroup Cooperation: Evidence from Mali” in the Journal of Politics. Read more here.

CRE2 Small Grant Recipient Publishes Co-Edited Volume

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate and Small Grant recipient Miguel Valerio recently published a co-edited volume titled Indigenous and Black Confraternities in Colonial Latin America Negotiating Status through Religious Practices in Amsterdam University Press. Read more here.

CRE2 Postdoctoral Affiliate Curates (Un)masking Health: Counter Perspectives 

As the United States continues to navigate both an ongoing health pandemic and an epidemic of racism, public health officials and media outlets are bombarding us with conflicting advice about how to protect our well-being. The research and policies related to these recommendations, however, often fail to address racism as a health problem too. Ivan Bujan, CRE2 Postdoctoral Affiliate, curates an exhibition exploring these themes. Read more here.

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Awarded Research Working Group Grant

Jorge Llibre-Guerra, Assistant Professor of Neurology and CRE2 Faculty Affiliate, was awarded a Research Working Group grant in the amount of $2,500 for “Increasing Sustained Diversity in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials.” Read more here.

Power Lab Funded through CRE2 Innovation Space

Affiliates Michael Esposito, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Savannah Larimore, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sociology, were awarded a CRE2 Innovation Space grant in the amount of $5,000 for “Power Lab.” Read more here.

CRE2 Lab—Latinx Collaborative to Reduce Stigma and Improve Mental Health Literacy—Produces Stigma & Health Publication

As part of the CRE2 Innovation Space the Latinx Collaborative to Reduce Stigma and Improve Mental Health Literacy, headed by Graduate Student Affiliate Nancy J. Pérez-Flores and Faculty Affiliate Leo Cabassa, has published “Effectiveness of Mental Health Literacy and Stigma Interventions for Latino/a Adults in the United States: A Systematic Review” in Stigma & Health. Read more here.

Faculty Affiliate to Evaluate Training for Law Enforcement

Calvin Lai, Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences and CRE2 Faculty Affiliate, has received a grant from the Department of Justice that will support his evaluation of a diversity training program for thousands of law enforcement members. Read more here.

Faculty Affiliate Publishes in Review of Philosophy and Psychology

Professor of Philosophy and CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Ronald Mallon recently published the article “Racial Attitudes, Accumulation Mechanisms, and Disparities” in Review of Philosophy and Psychology Read more here.

CRE2 Faculty Affiliate Launches Database Highlighting Underrepresented Scholars of African Archaeology

Helina Woldekiros, CRE2 Faculty Affiliate and assistant professor of archaeology, and her collaborators recently launched the Bibliographic Database of African Scholarship on African Archaeology (BibDAA). The project seeks to make scholarship by African and Afrodescendant archaeologists more widely known, as one way of addressing persistent undercitation of the work of Black scholars.

CRE2 Postdoctoral Affiliate Publishes in Child Development

CRE2 Postdoctoral Affiliate Michael Park and colleagues recently published the article “Racial Discrimination and the Moderating Effects of Racial and Ethnic Socialization on the Mental Health of Asian American Youth” in Child Development. Read more here.

CRE2 Graduate Student Affiliate Coauthors New Policy Memo

CRE2 Graduate Student Affiliate Rene Canady and colleagues published the policy memo “Defining the Race and Ethnic Standards for Federal Statistics and Administrative Reporting.” This interdisciplinary work is meant to make researchers confront the historical use of race as a tool of injustice and alter the epistemology of race-based biomedical research. Read more here.

Associate Director’s Prenatal Cannabis Study Featured on a PBS Nova

To unravel the role of drugs, genes, and the environment, over 11,000 children are being tracked in their teenage years in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study to determine the effects of cannabis use during pregnancy. CRE2 Associate Director Cynthia Rogers appeared on PBS Nova to discuss the study. Watch here.

Small Grant Recipient Presents Research on the Relationship of Neighborhood Crime during Pregnancy on Brain Development

Small Grant Recipient Rebecca Brenner presented her findings at the Flux Congress, a developmental cognitive neuroscience conference. She is also gave an oral presentation at Washington University in St. Louis’s Neuroscience Program Retreat in September and will give a presentation at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology in December.

Faculty Affiliates Receive Moonshot Grant for Cancer Genomic Sequencing

CRE2 Faculty Affiliates Drs. Graham Colditz and Bettina Drake, along with Li Ding and Ryan Fields, recently received funding for a Cancer Moonshot grant on Participant Engagement in Cancer Genomic Sequencing focused on three rare cancers: early onset colorectal cancer among African American patients, Multiple Myeloma among African American patients, and cholangiocarcinoma.

CRE2 Launches Research Project Examining Racially and Ethnically Disparate Impacts of COVID-19

Through Colors of COVID, CRE2 affiliates have developed transdisciplinary projects that will generate new research frameworks and methodologies to capture the challenges and insights revealed by the racially and ethnically disparate impacts of COVID-19.

Faculty Affiliate Eliza Williamson Publishes on Obstetric Racism in Brazil in the Journal Anthropology & Medicine

In Brazil, Black women are disproportionately denied access to timely care and are made vulnerable to death by avoidable obstetric causes. However, they have not been at the center of recent initiatives to improve maternal health. Read more here.

Faculty Affiliate Michael Esposito, Postdoctoral Affiliate Savannah Larimore, and Co-director Hedwig Lee Publish in Health Affairs

Aggressive policing (or aggressive order maintenance policing) is prevalent throughout the United States, negatively affecting the health of those exposed to it. To address this public health issue, policymakers must promote greater data transparency and consider structural changes in the roles police institutions play in monitoring deviance. Read more here.

Shefali Chandra Awarded Scholar Grant

Shefali Chandra, Associate Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Asian American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis’s College of Arts & Sciences, was awarded a CRE2 Scholar Grant for “Penetrating America: Colonial Replay and the Making of a Supercaste.”

Miguel Valerio Selected as Small Grant and Career Enhancement Fellowship Recipient

As a 2021 Career Enhancement Fellow, and supported by a CRE2 Small Grant, Miguel Valerio, Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, will be revising the manuscript for his first book Sovereign Joy: Afro-Mexican Festive Practices, 1539-1640.