JaNiene Peoples

PhD Student, Brown School

Through an intersectional lens, my research focuses on examining risk and protective factors associated with mental and behavioral (mostly substance use) health outcomes among marginalized populations, particularly Black adolescents and emerging adults (ages 18-29). My work is also driven by identifying key gaps in data to explore race differences in risk factor exposure and vulnerability to build evidence that informs targeted interventions for racial and ethnic minorities with mental health and substance abuse problems.

As an interdisciplinary scholar, I have published and worked with scholars on multiple research projects that focus on mental health, substance use disorders, race-related stress, and resilience. Examples are shown in three of my most recently submitted manuscripts: (1) Examining associations between sexual identity, health risk behaviors, and mental health outcomes among Black LGBQ U.S. adolescents, (2) Examining campus climate, positive mental health, and sense of belonging among depressed Black college students, and (3) Identifying patterns of comorbid mental health symptoms among individuals with opioid use disorder.