Jesse Davis

Clinical Instructor, Neonatal Hospitalist

Dr. Davis is the lead investigator on a 3 year, $1 million grant funded by the Merck for Mothers Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative entitled STL 360 Doulas Project. He was an essential member of the grant planning committee and will also be assisting in the implementation process. Co-Leads Generate Health STL and Jamaa Birth Village have partnered with Davis and STL Doulas of Color Collective to make a serious impact on maternal health inequities. This project seeks to intentionally scale the emerging local doula movement and Jamaa Birth Village’s licensed doula training to ensure long‐term capacity for culturally congruent doula care for Black pregnant people in St. Louis; while fundamentally restructuring the maternal care ecosystem to center the needs of Black St. Louisans during prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum periods.