It’s time for change (Links to an external site)

Cunningham, Lee, and Ward

CRE2 faculty affiliates, David Cunninghan, Hedy Lee, and Geoff Warddiscuss the social movement against police brutality taking place across the nation and the world and the role of histories of racial violence in these events.

Navigating an Increasingly Vaccinated World (Links to an external site)

With more Americans getting vaccinated, people are seeking social groups– connecting through shared experiences, including adversity. Dr. Hedwig Lee, Co-Director of CRE2 , offers some sociological insights into how people are navigating an increasingly vaccinated world.

Building Diverse Data Resources (Links to an external site)

Faculty affiliate Dr. Joyce Balls-Berry has joined the leadership team of the All of Us Research Program, a NIH initiative to build a large, detailed biomedical data resource that reflects the breadth & diversity of the U.S. population.

The latest in a long trend (Links to an external site)

Faculty Affiliate Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado sheds light on the controversy surrounding the novel, American Dirt, and highlights an industry where Mexican and Mexican American writers are often ignored and marginalized.