Cindy Brantmeier

Cindy Brantmeier

Professor and Director of Applied Linguistics, Global Studies

Dr. Brantmeier’s research on language acquisition and use is interdisciplinary, drawing on research and theory from applied linguistics, social psychology, and public health. Findings provide implications for linguistically and culturally rich populations around the world.

More specifically, Dr. Brantmeier partners with scholars across disciplines at international and domestic sites to examine language use in the services provided in the management of linguistically diverse patients. Her research on healthy literacy involves both the context in which health literacy demands are made and the skills that people, both health care professionals and patients, bring to the situation.

Professor Brantmeier is principal investigator in the Language Research Laboratory. Her published work consists of experiments that examine variables involved in second language reading, language research methodology, and language testing and assessment.
Additionally, Professor Brantmeier leads a research group that conducts experiments to examine the relationship between individual learner difference variables, such as self-assessment, personality, and self-esteem, and second language acquisition, and another research group that investigates the effects of working memory and first language knowledge on second language reading. Most recently, Professor Brantmeier is connecting her laboratory research to volunteer work with new Americans, including refugees and first generation immigrants who attend local St. Louis public schools. She is also leading language acquisition experiments at NENU, China, and in different cities in Latin America.

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