Kellie Thompson

Kellie Thompson is responsible for the overall management and development of Center research, activities and programs. Her research interests include Indigenous student development, leadership and education, and decolonizing social work practices. She is currently the PI of multiple grants, including the Social Workers Advancing through Grounded Education program, which trains Brown School students and supports them to work with Indigenous peoples. A recent grant, Natives Count: American Indian Participation in the 2020 US Census aimed to decrease undercounts of AIAN people in the St. Louis region by reducing real and perceived barriers, increase AIAN census participation using a targeted media campaign and improve accuracy of census data by providing technical support and education to the community. She has authored multiple publications, including: Thompson, K., Posey, A., & Manshack, L. (2020). American Indian Social Work Students: Factors that influence success in graduate school. Journal of Evidence Informed Social Work, 17:1, 63-74; Thompson, K., Harpring, J., Whitegoat, W. (2020) Indigenous World Views and Social Work Field Practice: Reflections from Educators. Journal of Human Rights & Social Work (Accepted).