Zakiya Luna

Zakiya Luna

Associate Professor; Dean's Distinguished Professorial Scholar, Sociology

Professor Luna’s research is in the areas of social change, sociology of law, health and inequality. Specifically she is interested in social movements, human rights, and reproduction with an emphasis on the effects of intersecting inequalities within and across these sites. Her work has contributed to building the interdisciplinary area of reproductive justice. This has included publishing about the reproductive justice movement, starting a research center, co-creating and co-editing a University of California Press book series, among other activities.

Her first book, Reproductive Rights as Human Rights: Women of Color and the Fight for Reproductive Justice, was published with New York University Press in 2020. Reproductive Rights as Human Rights focuses on strategies of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health collective (SisterSong) to engage human rights discourse in the United States to promote reproductive justice. By looking at the strategies of a women of color-focused movement spaces, the book offer insight in the perils and possibilities of human rights.

In addition she has published on different aspects of social movements including intersectionality and the relationship between race and authenticity in movement claims making. She teaches courses and the undergraduate and graduate level on social movements, intersectionality, and reproduction.

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